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Rock Steady Boxing, Punching Out Parkinson's, Santa Fe, NM



New Boxers

Rock Steady Boxing is a specialized exercise program designed for people diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. A Parkinson's diagnosis is required to join RSB classes. Prior to class participation, the forms below must be completed and presented at your initial assessment. Just click on the button to download a form.

Schedule of Classes | Punchpass

Welcome! From the buttons below, you may create an account, sign in, purchase a Pass (if you don’t already have one) and register for a class. You must create your account and sign in to purchase a pass. Once you have your pass, browse the Schedule below, click on the name of the class you want to attend and click Reserve My Spot in Class.

Online video workouts
To supplement classes, video workouts are also available. Join Head Coach, Adrienne Shurbet and Clara De La Torre, Pro Boxer, Retired, as they lead you through some fun and challenging workouts!

Workout #1 - the Dirty Dozen

Rock Steady Boxing Workout #1
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Workout #2 - Core